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Green Meadows® Auto Pilot
Green Meadows® Auto Pilot

Green Meadows® Auto Pilot

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Auto Pilot Product Information

Auto Pilot is a show pig supplement formulated to enhance your pig’s rib and center body dimension and help manage its weight for targeted shows. This highly palatable product includes natural fiber sources and is one of the most unique products available for show pig enthusiasts today. Auto Pilot is nutritionally formulated to maximize your pig’s show ring look and aid in digestive tract health.

Auto Pilot Product Advantages

This product aids in sculpting and defining the neck and jowl area on the finished show pig, and enhances rib shape and center body dimension.
  • Made from highly palatable all-natural forage, oats, rolled barley, and soy hulls, Auto Pilot can improve your animal’s disposition in times of limited feed intake and aid in weight management.
  • Particularly in lactating sows, Auto Pilot can aid in digestive tract health.
  • Added essential oils can help lower your pig’s body temperature during times of heat stress.
  • Auto Pilot assists in achieving desired fill on show day.

We add 1/4 to 1/2 lbs of Auto Pilot in all of our daily feed rations to help with gut health, appetite enhancement and to help add body and rib shape. We also use 50% or more of the day ration of Auto Pilot at times of holding and to clean up the front 1/3 of each pig (jowl, throat, and head). Auto pilot has helped us to get to the backdrop it is a must feed for us.